Cold Plate Case study and results of cooling test


Battery tray for an electric automobile


The pipe is casted inside the battery tray. By putting cold or hot water through the pipe, the tray temperature is kept at the temperature of the liquid. So the battery temperature can be easily controlled.

Device cooling plate for server racks


Cooling plate with pipes casted inside is set inside server racks to directly cool off the devices inside the racks. Enables space and energy reduction compared to the conventional air-cooling devices.

Test data of water cooling devices

cooling effect warming effect

Testing conditions

Test target: Coldplate 【AC4C】


実験風景 測定器

Warm the coldplate up to 150° celsius. Run tap water (22 degrees celsius) at 10ℓ/min through the pipes to measure the temperature change of the plate. As seen in the chart above 150°C plates can cool down to room temperature in about a minute.

Also using a 20°C plate and running warm water (60 degrees celsius) at 10ℓ/min shows that the plate becomes about 60°C after approximately a minute.