I hate those high-cost die-cast prototypes! We can only make small lots,
is that OK?
switch from cutting to casting,
how are the cost and quality?
SAKAE is the solution to all your problems!

V process casting sample cost estimate

sakae-infoen Same shape multiple patterning (mass production)
1frame Avl 80,000~120,000 yen ÷ number of products = unit price
Different shape multiple patterning (Prototype)
1 frame Avl 80,000~120,000 yen ÷ number of products = unit price
Cost is calculated by frame (work size1750×1000×400). Multiple shapes can be processed in a frame, enabling Lot 1~100 production.
*The above calculation may not apply to some sizes and shapes.
*Also, modeling fees is calculated separately.

Comparing cost to other processes (sample estimate)

パイプ鋳込み ”Production cost is 1/3!”
Cutting product
Use NC cutting to cut out the pipe wedges. Place the pipes and attach them by welding. This is high-cost and difficult to work on complicated models.
Sakae’s casting products
Using the V process and know-how, extra-thin processing is possible. This is low-cost and easily creates complicated models.
-Other case studies of low-cost products-
Reducing material and processing fees
Using ring-shapes, square frames and arms
circle2 バッテリートレイ
⇒ These shapes expand the product cost especially when using metal sheet or cutting processes.
With Sakae’s V process, such cost could be reduced significantly.
Sakae welcomes your requests such as “Are these kind of ideas feasible?” or “How low cost can we get?” Let us know what you need!
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