Pipe Casting

From conventional air-cooling to eco-friendly water-cooling

The 2-in-1 plate can directly cool the surface that the plate is touching. Since there is no need to take out the hot air, there is no need to use a fan. This reduces air-conditioning and electricity costs significantly. The pipe and plate clearance can be reduced to a super-thin 0.5~0.8mm, which realizes high cooling efficiency and space reduction. Also this 2-in-1 unit is very low-cost as it is solid cast of pipe and aluminum, thus enabling mass production.


The potential of the 2-in-1 extra-thin cooling plate

  • Electric automobiles (Battery trays)
  • Semi-conductors (heat sync)
  • public facilities (used to prevent stadium seats,
    lavatory seats and footbridge stairs from freezing)
  • Server racks
Sakae’s “Extra-thin water cooling plate”
Production Solid casting with pipes using the V Process is possible.
Strengths Directly cools the heat-generating part, eliminating the need of air-fans and reduces air-conditioning and electricity costs significantly. Can cast complicated structures; thus realizing high flexibility to adapt to client systems. Compared to cutting processes, easy to mass product and low-cost.
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Thin cooling panel:It cools a heating unit without arranging panel which is unified with casting and pipe.

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