V Process work flow

V process decompresses the space within the framework to create sand casts.
The following is a sample workflow to show you the benefits of this process.

Process Video Check Here!
1: Use heater to heat and soften a thin, plastic film with high elasticity and plastic deformation rate. Set this on the model on the casting line. ☆Complicated models are created at once by using a special film that is 0.075~0.125mm thi
2: Very small ostiums for suction are placed on the models. By sucking air from these small holes, the film is attached to the mold. Then the casting framework is set on top of it.
3: Sand with necessary granuality is filled. Then a protection film is set on the sand. ☆Simple process of pressing one button to fill the cast with sand, enabling high-rate reproduction of same quality casts
4: The cast is solidified by suction decompression within the framework. After detaching the film by inducing air into the mid-open section of the cast, the decompressed cast is complete. ☆Draft angle is smaller than other sand casting methods because a film is positioned between the sand and model.
5: After attaching the top and bottom parts, liquid aluminum is poured into the decompressed cast. Aluminum flows over the film, making a smooth flow, enabling very-thin casting products
6: The sand inside the framework drops from the cast with the product after canceling decompression. The sand is cooled and reused. ☆Canceling decompression is the only process for knock-out. Thus no hassle, and very eco-friendly due to the fact that the sand can be reused since it has not been made solid.

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