Vprocess The V of V process stands for “vacuum”. The process is significant for its vacuum process (decomp) to change the shape, pouring and chilling of powdery sand. Product can easily be taken out of its cast by putting it in normal pressure. This process is better than the the conventional simple (CO2) molding process compared by cost and quality aspects as well as its flexibility to realize complicated shapes by casting, and is highly valued by our clients.

Three biggest strengths of the V Process

Can create complicated shapes by casting

V Process can be used to reproduce complicated shapes by casting due to its high transcription quality.

How are these shapes reproduced?
Costs a lot more less

Due to V Process’ high transcription quality, pin angles and thin parts are easy to reproduce, reducing cost and time for production. Many clients are switching from cutting process to the V process.

The secret to low-cost production
Smooth casting surface

A special film is used in V process to cast the sand mold Using the V process and our unique know-how, results in finished products with smooth, beautiful casting surfaces.

Smooth and silky surface

Other benefits of aluminum products

weight aluminum’s specific gravity is 1/3 of steel or copper
non-magnetic aluminum is a non-magnetic body, which means it is not impacted by magentic fields. So it can be used for delicate machinery such as measurement or digital medical hardware.
Electric Conductivity Since it is lighter in specific gravity compare to steel and copper, aluminum has almost twice electric conductivity compare to those two metals of the same amount.
Thermal conductivity Good (almost three times more than steel) ※Al:236w/mk Fe:835w/mk
Recyclable aluminum products can easily be recycled after use.
Durable Solidity can be raised by annealing the products.
Workable aluminum is known for its high workability.